About Me

Hello! Thanks so much for stumbling upon my blog! Maybe you found me via twitter, or Maybe it was just fate, either way I'm so excited you're here! This is blog is about me, a young writer, trying to make it in the industry and lifestyle of writing. I'm 16, a Sophomore this coming fall, and I've a part time job dipping Ice Cream. I started writing hard core in November of 2010, and sense then I've started work on a second Blog Frenzy of Noise. I absolutely love journaling, reading, all kinds of music, and tweeting (Seriously they need a name for people addicted to Twitter...Tweetaholic?) Anyway, I'm currently working on my second major writing project. I mostly write YA things and such but I'm trying to expand my genres. I'd love to meet you and can't wait to see you around :P

Alright I've got a Secrete Blog. If you want I'll be nice and let you see it ;) This is one of those Don't ask don't Tell things soo Sssshhh! :D