The Life List

So this is a Seprate project that isn't really related to writing. It's a Life List, things I want to do before I'm thirty. If you have more you think I should add comment and We'll add em :)

The Life List
    Swim With Sharks
     Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
    Visit Oktober Fest in Germany
    Run and Complete a Marathon
    Write a Screen Play
    Be a contestant oa game show/ realiaty TV show
    Speed Date
    Get a Tatoo
    Sell a painting/ Photo
    Go Sky Diving
    Climb a Mountian
    See the Olympics 
    See a Solar Eclipse
    Kiss in the Rain
    Volunteer Abroad
    Go to “Burning Man” Even in Navada
    Win someting In Las Vegas
    Have my Portrait Painted
    Watch a space shuttle or satalite launch
    Be in a film as a extra
    Make my own wine
    Send a message in a bottle
    Be on the Jury of a Court case
    Be someone’s Mentor
    As someone I jsut met on a Date
    Drive across America Coast to Cost
    Eat food I’ve grown
    Visit Japan and stay in a Capsule hotel
    Have kids
    Kick and make a fieldgoal
    Play and Win in a bingo hall
    Draw a mural
    Be in a protest
    Learn how to surf
    Help someone build a house
    Start a wave at a ballgame 
    Give a waiter a $100 dollar bill as a tip
    Scream at the top of my lungs
    Randomly pay for someone’s groceries
    Make the front page of a newspapers
    Stand under a plane while it lands
    Visit Paris 
    See a dead body
    Smash a guitar on stage/ video
    Make a music Video
    Go Cliff Diving into the Ocean.
    Blow a whole paycheck on Shoes
    Spend an hour in and Elevator 
    Listen to my Ipod strait through no skips 
    Fast for 48 hours and give the food to charaty
    Take a vow of silence
    Give Blood
    Walk through Knee deep mud
    Medatate for three hours strait
    Send flowers for no reason at all
    Keep a Diary every day for a year
    Publish a book