Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Schedule = Headache

So I literally just got my Schedule for Sophomore year.
A Day: AP World History
Orchestra Philharmonic
Pap Algebra 2
Creative Writing(semester 1) 
Humanities(semester 2)

B Day: German 2
Orchestra Philharmonic
Pap English 2
Pap Chemistry 
I'm thinking about single blocking Orchestra so I can take a journalism class so I can be on Newspaper next year, and Dropping my Humanities class for Psychology so I can do AP psychology next year too. There's also a sociology class that sounds fun. 
     I like literature and things that study human nature because I feel it helps me with my writing. I don't know yet, every time I try thinking of my schedule or something like this I get a big headache. I kinda wish the school would just tell me what classes I should take for an English Major in College or something like that. What do ya'll think? Would Journalism and Psychology really help me as a writer? What about Humanities?
     I still have no clue how I'm going to manage everything this fall. I'm thinking about starting Piano Lessons just for some more extracurriculars, because apparently sitting in your room with a computer doesn't count as a legitimate extracurricular. I really don't want to think about college. Honestly I plan on going into the Marines after High School, then getting a GI bill and getting my college paid for. 
     It's annoying because I'm seeing all these paths that I can go down and I'm having to choose one that will affect me for the rest of my life. Ok sure a humanities class isn't going to affect my future all that much, but what if I'm able to get scholarship or something for something I did in Journalism. But if I do Journalism I'd have to single block Orchestra which I've been doing as my main elective sense sixth grade. It's all just a big jumble in my head. 

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