Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something about This isn't Working

There's only one computer in my house. Well, actually five but only one works at the moment. So the only time I'm able to pry the computer from my bored little sister is Early in the mornings when she's not up. OK OK I know it's an excuse for why I haven't been meeting my word goal, but I don't know what else to do. Options 1) Stop whining and actually write or 2) keep whining.

The Other day I had a dream that would've made an amazing story. There was setting and amazing plot and well developed characters and emotion. Straight up awesome. Here's the problem, I woke up and tried to write everything down from it but I found I couldn't remember much. I felt really dumb because last night I tried reenacting how I went to bed the night before. I played the same music, I went to bed at the same time, heck I even wore the same clothes. I wanted to relive that dream, get a chance to remember it. That dream was motivation.

So you're going to laugh at me but I think I found a muse for me. My dad, uncle, grandfather, and brother were/are all Marines. When I'm older I plan on joining myself, so I've started running to Marine Cadences. It's really easy to write to these because they're rhythmic and they talk about Motivation, Dedication and Determination, all the the kind of drone of running footsteps. Try listening to a cadence, then imagine hearing that for thirty minuets straight...It's Awesome.

Instead of writing I've started these little projects to avoid actually doing what I need to. For example Today I plan to paint our kitchen cabinets with my mom, tomorrow I'm going to 6 flags, then the day after that I'm cleaning out my closet. I've also started caring about my health more. I've started running in the mornings with my dad. Mainly it's so I wake up in the mornings and don't sleep all day but I'll count that as one of my excuses.

I'm going to start this thinking I read to help increase production. You're suppose to write down every excuse you can think of the instant it pop into your head, then write down all the reasons why I need, want and have to write. The idea is to trump the excuse with reasoning. We'll see how it goes.

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