Sunday, July 24, 2011

Half Way Point

                                                   My 2010 Writer Resolutions and Goals:

1)Write Every Day
2) Finish and Submit a Manuscript
3)Read one book I don't think I'll like per month
4) Get a 90 in English
5)Journal Every Day
6) Read Everything I can get my hands on and stop complaining about how boring it is
7) Find something everyday to inspire me
8) stop drinking soda

This is literally my goals from my first ever blog post. Seeing as it's July, the halfway point of our year, I think It's a good time for some self evaluation.

Hmm, very interesting. Seeing as school is over I'll cross off four. Recently I've been writing everyday. Probably not as much as I should be but it's a start. I have finished a Manuscript, but have yet to submit it. (I think I'll scratch the last part of that goal because no where in there does it have editing.) I haven't been reading books I don't like at all so that one's out the window. Read everything hasn't happened either. Find something to inspire me every day. Yeah no. and stop drinking soda. I have done that one. 

    Ok so thus far this year I've done nothing but stop drinking soda, finish a sad excuse for a manuscript. Written a but load of blog posts, Journaled Everyday (Most days) and complain about how I'm not a writer yet. It's time to adjust these goals baby!!

My 2010 half way point Writer Resolutions and Goals:
1) Write at LEAST 1,000 words a day, preferably 2,000
2)Finish and start editing a manuscript for Submission
3) Read one NonFiction book about something that interests me.
4) Do my Summer reading assignments before school starts on the 22 of August
5) Continue journaling every day, add length to my entries, and start holding on to keepsakes for my journal
6) Categorize my time into Writing, Personal, work, and free time. Then spend two thirds of free time reading.
7) Find something Everyday to Inspire me, and post it online to a Tumblr or second blog or something.
8) Set up a normal sleep schedule again and stop eating fried foods. 
9) Grow my personal Library by spending a set amount of money on Books per paycheck. 

Now the question is how am I going to make these goals unlike I did the others? Well I've already taped these goals on my mirror so I don't forget them. I know it's a dumb trick but I've seen it work. I'm also starting a separate notebook dedicated entirely to my goals. 
     If anyone has any other tips, or they want to share their goals hit me up:) Ya'll rock.

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