Thursday, July 7, 2011

How's it feel to be 16?

     To be honest it feels like shit. No, not being 16 in general, just being up is shit. I know I know, I'm young and I shouldn't be loathing my birthday until I'm at least late 20's but I'm just thinking I'm 16 now, and I should be so much better at writing than I really am.
    My self moto Wri Mo was a complete bust. I have no clue how I'll manage this come November. I still haven't gotten my computer because my mom and sister decided to start selling Mary Kay which requires $800 dollars of merchandise to start. So I don't get my computer until next payday.
   I am proud to say I finished my first Mokeskine Journal. I plan on putting up a video of me flipping through it once I get my computer. Before I got mine I was always interested what a Writer's Moleskine would look like and I could never find videos or pictures of one so I'm hoping a lot of people will feel more comfortable about writing in them before buying one. I'm on of those researchers. I love looking up reviews and stuff of things I'm going to buy. I'm making mom take me to get a new Mokeskine (Plain large hardback) with $20 dollars I got from my grandma. I can't wait to start journaling again.
     Until I get my computer I'm calling that my excuse to not write. Somebody please knock some since into me for not writing. I've read all the craft books I can afford and they are all starting to sound the same. I just don't know how much longer I can call myself a writer if I'm not writing.


  1. Sixteen is super young. I really wouldn't fret about your writing; you're already talented, and as you grow older your writing will change along with you. Man, I feel super old just writing that.

  2. Haha Don't worry, your not old until your like unable to walk and stuff. Thanks for the advice :)