Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Writing Community

         I've decided I want to join the United States Marine Corps after I graduate High school. There are a lot of reasons for me wanting to join but that's a whole other blog post in itself. In my getting ready for bootcamp I've gotten into running and health an fitness. Anyway the point of me tell you all this is because yesterday I was reading a magazine called "competitor" that I get for free from my gym. There was a except from John Bingham's new book An Accidental Athlete about Bingham's firs marathon. Half way through I realized something. People like love to write, and people love to run, and there are people out there like Mr. Bingham who are writing about running! Seriously I stopped reading and wrote that down because I didn't want to forget that. I've got these two budding loves and I can combined them into two things that feed and grow off each other. 

         I started digging into the running world, and found all these really amazing people who love giving advice, and love sharing tips, and their stories, and their goals. There seems to be this big family sense in the whole running world, we share similar hurdles and have similar goals, and that brings us together. Writing is the same way. I can think what I was like writing bits of stories in purple pen in the back of my science notebook, and I've found tons of people willing to help me get better at writing. 
         I never imagined these two entirely different things could have the same roots. It makes me wonder about all the other hobbies out there. What if I wanted to get into cooking, or scrap booking, or gardening, or surfing. There's something wonderful at work when you can take tiny parts of your life and line them up into who you are.
         My point of this whole post is this. If there's something you want to learn we're at a point in history where we've got the resources, ability, and support to better ourselves and learn everything there is to know about that thing. We've got nothing stopping us from finding out what we like, and learning about it, and getting better at it, and there's enough voices out there to drown out the discouraging words from those who think it's weird. In the words of Babe Ruth "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from coming up to bat."

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