Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I hate YA

I think I'm getting to where I hate reading YA books. The stories are always kinda predictable, and the language doesn't give me that OMG kind of ideal. I judge a book on it's goodness on whether or not I could see myself writing it. Things like The book Thief, and Middlesex I could never see myself writing. But now I'm reading this book called wither by Lauren Destefano and I'm really not seeing much difference from this and the stories I read on Inkpop. I was recommended this book a lot of times by friends but halfway through I'm really not liking the plot, characters or how it's written.
This is kinda a problem because my first book is a super YA book. I read that you should write the kind of book you'd like to read, and when I started this I liked to read these frilly books that I can now finish in an afternoon. Now I'm liking these deeper, more complex books so I suppose my writing style is changed. This might be interesting when it comes to editing my manuscript in October. I have a feeling my manuscirpt will end up being a really complex YA book like the Book thief Was suppose to be. We'll just have to see.

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