Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's like Giving Birth

I've heard writers compare their writing of their first draft to giving birth. I'm scared to say I think I'm done with my first draft and while I haven't given birth I will say it was a LOT of work. It didn't seem like I was writing because I loved to write in the last few days before I finished my first draft, it was like I was writing just to get the stupid thing over with. What I'm really worried about is my manuscript is only about 24,000 words long even though I've "written" ever scene have. I read some where that to beef up your novel it's best to add story threads which is something I defiantly plan on doing after my six month dead period where I'm not even allowed to think about that book. I have started working on my second book and I can tell this one is way better plot wise than my first.
I've got a bunch of questions about Point of View character (POV Character) I've read from a lot of different places you should only have one POV character but it seems like if I want to add more threads to beef up my novel I would have to switch characters or something. What's the difference between changing POV Characters smoothly and Head Hopping which from what I can understand is bad, and how do I make a smooth transition from one POV Character to another without throwing off my readers.
I'd love some answers and opinions so please leave a comment with your advice or shoot me an e-mail at follow.the.journey.now@gmail.com

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