Friday, May 6, 2011

Six Hours

Today I've been writing for 6 hours straight! most of what I worked on was a review but I did meet my writing goal for the day. I'm a little proud of myself. For the last three days I've MADE myself sit and write 2000 toward my new manuscript. I've also written two reviews for stories on inkpop which are both about 5000. I really like helping other writers, especially when they don't expect it. I've decided I'll only do review for people who really care about their books and want the advice. If you're on Inkpop and you want some honest and hard feedback please message me. You can find my page as a link in the side bar.
Also it's the 7th of May and I'm already at 50% of my Pandora time. I might break down and get Pandora one if it's a good deal but I don't really know yet.

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