Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Miss my Manuscript

I finished my first manuscript on the thirtieth of April. In Steven King's "On Writing" he says you should wait a minimum of six months before even thinking about starting the editing process. I've started my second and I'm realizing something. I'm Missing my Manuscript! I spent so much time with it that it almost feel part of me, I don't like not thinking of this character or what happens next or how I'll word this. It's like I've broken up with a boyfriend.
I was lazy yesterday and didn't write my 2000. But I came home and fell asleep at 6:30 so I suppose I was actually really tired. It's been hard getting 2000 out today but I know if I don't I won't for the rest of the week because I've got some busy things happening tomorrow and Friday. I don't have to work until 1 on Saturday so I'm hoping I'll be able to thresh out a few thousand over my quota. Wish me luck!

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