Saturday, March 12, 2011

Palm to Face

The amount of unprouctivity that's been happening this month has been astonishing to me. Two bummers. One, I didn't make the Alliance for young artist and writer deadline, and two, coming back to my plots I realize how much I want to change them. Thank god for a spring break to force myself back into the habit. I've gotten a job(first job baby!) and I'm saving up for a new computer of my own. If anyone has some good suggestions I'd love em at I'm obviously going to be using it for writing and school work but mainly to keep my files on.
Honestly after a bunch of weekends NOT writing I've gotten kinda lonely. Sure I've got a few friends but I never do things with them. This may sound strange but when I'm writing It's like I'm having a conversation with myself. That's why I love keeping a Diary. A quote out there says "If you keep a diary one day it will keep you" and I think that's so true. I'm writing my diary for my kids, for historians if they care, and for myself.
I've been reading a little. Right now I'm on Stoker's Dracula and It's amazing how much I'm enjoying a classic. In school we're studying A Tale of two Cities and everyone in my grade is complaining about it but I'm almost positive if I didn't have to read it and answer packets worth of questions on it I Would LOVE the book. Things you have to do are work. Things you want to do are not. (By the way I'm getting a lot better at selling. Spell checker says I only had one word wrong on this one. High Five for Progress)

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