Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Writing Goal

It seems like all the advice I can get for finishing my first draft is to just sit down and do it. Writing is Rewriting. I know my first draft doesn't have to be perfect but that's one of my major challenges. I'll write a scene or something, then edit it and edit it and edit it and getting no where. I'm currently at 11,000 and probably have 6,000 more words of scenes I haven't gotten into my manuscript yet. Then I start to think about my 60,000 word goal I cry a little inside because it seems like I've put so much work into just this and the thought of all that work makes me want to roll over and go back to sleep. I need some small goals. I'm thinking I'll shoot for 1,000 words perhour and work for at least one hour every day but idealy three.f I love when I'm writing I get into that "zone" where I'm so enthrawled in my writing that I have no sence of time and I end up working for five hours before I need to pee or something.
I'm also needing a major Half-price Book run. I've got a huge list of books on writing. I'm loving my kindle right now because of all the free books:)

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