Sunday, April 3, 2011


I'm really tired of not getting a steady stream of output as far as my writing, so I've developed my goals for the month of April: 1) Read Great Expectations 2) Write 4 Short Stories (1 per week) 3)Read to week 17 of "Novel in a Year" by Louise Doughty 4)Get to 23,000 words on my novel 5) Read three shorter books -She walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell -Gulliver's Travels by Johnathan Swift -Little Duke by Charlotte Mary Young You wouldn't believe how much I cut each of these down to size, I literally have spaced out how much of each of these I need to do per day into bite sized daily to do lists. For example today I'm plotting a Short story, doing a blog post, reading 20% of She walks in Beauty, and read 5% of Great expectations. Now these big goals aren't looking so tough. I am going to have to pull some don't be lazy pep talks because I've just been so tired working on the weekends but I'll be so happy when I finally get my own computer. If you want exactly how set up my goals then please e-mail me at

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