Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Three jobs the Come with Writing

I think There's about three separate jobs when it comes to writing. One, is in two pats a) coming up with ideas. Now you can do this anywhere and it can happen a boner. As long as you're there to write them down you don't have to worry about it much before you have a nice little list you can refer to and modify to suite your needs. b) is plotting those Ideas. Turning this little idea into a story line, then into a three act structure, then throwing in characters and motivation into it. This is when things can change very quickly. In the blink of an eye you can decide your Mary sue heroine would be better as a evil tempest. I Think this is my favorite part about writing. It's like playing god.
The second job when it comes to being a writer is actually sitting your butt down and writing it. This takes the most time because this is when you start questioning your timing, and your characters, and this scene, and bla bla bla. I enjoy this part but I will say it's not the best.
The third job to being a writer is Editing. I like this part because I get these random ideas of "oh what would happen if I did this instead" kinda thing. It gives a great sense of power. This job can be pretty long but it doesn't seem so bad. A lot of changes can happen her and often times it's a big pain in the butt changing things. The best tool for editing on Microsoft Word is Find and Replace. For example, in my book I decided to change Evan's name to Ethan to better suit his character and actions. Get to this by hitting 'Ctrl' and 'F'. This is also helpful in school but that's a different post.
An important thing about being a Writer is separating these three jobs and doing them in order. While you don't always have to have a Plot before you start writing it makes it a whole lot easier. One of my big problems I'm realizing is I'm mixing up my Writing and Editing Jobs. I'll go back to what I wrote yesterday and start editing the crap out of it then I have strong parts of my Manuscript with weak parts and that just makes for a crappy novel. I've taken a vow not to edit anything I write for the next month until it becomes a habit. I'm hoping this will keep a steady flow of words and I'll get the writing Job over with and I can get to the Editing part. Oh how I love writing.
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