Saturday, April 23, 2011

15 down 45 to Go

I'm officially at 15,000 words. That's 1/4 of my 60,000 words. I feel like my timing on things is off but I suppose I'll worry about that when I'm editing.
I'm reading this book called "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. There's a chapter in there entitled 'The 10,000 Hour Rule' It basically says once you invest 10,000 hours into something, sports, instruments, or writing, you become super awesome at it and are basically a professional. Guess what my new goal is!!
I really can't wait til I get my own computer and I can stop having to worry about where my flash drive is. There've been many days when I really really really want to write but just can't because my entire manuscript is on my MIA flashdrive. I'm getting really pumped for my 16th birthday coming up this July. I know I know you're not suppose to tell people how old you are on the Internet and junk but I'm just to excited about this to not write about it.
Awesome things Happening on my Birthday:
1) I get my license- assuming I can pass the stupid test
2) I get an official key to my car
3) I get my kick butt Mac Book pro that I've been saving up for
So that's basically all the super cool things but there's more like awesome birthday dinner and that one Vara bradley purse thing my mom said she's going to get me. I've always wanted to be one of those people who set up an entire writing station in a Starbucks or something. I think that's really every writer's dream. Showing off how cool and anti-social we are by sitting in coffee shops all day talking with other writers about our projects and such. I'm interested, What made you want to become a writer? Coffee Shop camp? Being able to tell other's the Heroine in your book is based off them and they fall in love with you? or what ever else? Shoot me a comment or E-mail and let me know. Also if you have ANY advice for a new writer I'd love it! Thanks!

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