Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing Websites

Ok so I just want to put down a list of really good websites I use piratically every day.
1) Advanced Fiction Writing is an awesome site. While you have to pay for some things I'm finding you can get enough information just reading the small stuff

2) is my homepage. I like this because it keeps me off what so and so was wearing last night and other useless things can keep me from focusing. Plus it's a great tool.

3)Almost all colleges have a writing website with guides and links. If you search "College Name Here writing resources" you'll find just what your looking for. My favorite one to use is Colorado State University's which has tons of guides on lots of different things.

4)I'm really lucky that my Library system pays for a Program called Mango Languages. While it's not a writing website I find this very helpful, I plan on learning Spanish, French and Russian a little this summer and it could help if you're doing a cultural thing.

5) I've just gotten onto Inkpop which is a wonderful website for young writers like myself. The HarperCollins publishers run the site and the top five manuscripts every month are sent off to a board of people from HarperCollins and they look at your work. I'm really loving the community on there because everyone just seems to be there because they love writing, not because they want to be the next big thing.

I hope these have helped and if you want she share anymore websites with good advice I would be so grateful. Pleas add me on inkpop, goodreads, or e-mail me, I'd love to share writing tips.

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