Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Will summer ever Come?

I know I've probably said this a bunch already but I can not freaking wait til summer. This entire week I've wanted to work on my manuscript but then I remember I've got an English project, or math homework that I absoultly can not blow off. My parents aren't really mad at me for my grades but we both know I could do better. I've had this entire conversation with my mom about how I choose not to make stright A's. My grades right now are like all B's and one C. And let me tell you I could make stright A's if I wanted to easily but that would require more of my time that I'm currently inventing into writing.

I will be so relieved when I don't have to worry about homework, or scheduealing, or any of that crap. My mom laughed at me because I once told her "If I thought making good grades was important I would" obviously I think having a BA manuscript is more important than a 100 in Speech or some other dumb class. A lot of times I tell her I'm investing into my future by writing more than I could with getting three extra points on a project.

Who knows, It's probably just the lazy in me but something you want to do isn't considered work.

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