Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to NOT be a writer

I'm a sad excuese of a writer. Here's how I've NOT been a writer.
1) Only write when I feel like it. Everyone's heard the advice writers write. Recently I've only been writing when I feel like it this is super not good. Why? Because it's really easy to keep doing the same thing you've always done and when the going gets tough that makes it really easy to quit.
2) Stop reading. I normally enjoy reading... A LOT. But after missing two weeks of school because of weather and being sick I've stopped reading. It normally takes me about a week to get therough a book. The lovely Bones has taken me four weeks. I'll probably have to do some catching up on my Yearly Reading goal on Good Reads during the summer.
3) I've though about getting a real job. I've started my first ever job serch and I'm realizing how much time would be cut from my writing time. It's better if I jump in with two feet. Getting a real job sucks by the way. Pros: Money Cons: actually working Writing job Pros: Set own hours and no boss Cons: no or lesser pay off and if any it's at a later time... Words don't pay rent. Not like I have to pay rent but it seems like something a broke writer would say so when I'm a famous writer and dead they can have a collection of depressing quotes from me. I fill my notebook with things like that:/

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