Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to get the most of your Writing time

So you've set up your four hour writing habit. Great! Now the problem is staying on task. Between Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Pandora, stumble upon, and youtube there's a mountian of things that can easily pull your attention from your work. With a few techniques you can maxamize your writing time and cut the distractions.

1) Log off Facebook. Facebook will be the death of productivity and Twitter goes right along with it. The best way to cut yourself off facebook during your writing time is to delete your facebook entirely but if don't have the will power for that it's ok to delete the bookmarks and short cuts to facebook and log out of it completley. It makes getting on your socoial networking sights seem like more work instead of just a click of a button

2) Don't even touch the internet! You can't get distracted from things if theres nothing there to distract you. Think of your computer used primaraley for writing and only get on the internet to look things up or if you have to. Consider using one computer for writing and another (mabey a public library one) for reading blogs and looking up things unrelated to your writing.

3) Set up a writing place. Everyone has a place they like to write. Mine is in my bedroom and I'll admit I'm kinda anal when it comes to my suroundings. My door must be closed. All the lights except a small lamp must be off. My bed has to bee made, and my Moleskin, G2 7pt. Black pen, notecards, and books must be close at hand. My family has gotten to where they don't even come in my room when the doors closed because they know I'll wine at them for disturbing my train of thought. Mean? Mabey but I get a bunch of work done.

4) Music Last time I had a whole post about Writing music. Set yourself up a playlist or pandora station that motivates you to write and kick starts your creative process. Pick a song to be your sort of Theme song. It'll tell your brain it's time to sit down and and write.

Hope I've helped you be more productive and focused. I love feed back, suggestions, thoughts or whatever so e-mail me at

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