Saturday, January 15, 2011

Read til you Bleed

Every one should have the common sense to know writers read. But what do writers read? I've read a good many books that say as a writer you should read anything and everything you can get your hands on. I stand against this with quite a passion. While reading is obviously a good thing I think WHAT you read is more important than the amount you read. Quality not Quantity. Think of it this way. You'll never be able to put together that your fancy new desk of yours if you spend your time reading picture books instead of the instructions. The books you read (as far a fiction) should challenge you either by length or vocabulary. I like to keep a book list of 'Hard' books. Mine is filled with mostly classics while my 'Easy' list is filled with vampire romance books and coming of age tales. When it comes to non-fiction about writing I'm sure reading everything you can get your hands on is a good tactic although most of what you read will be repeated countless times in what ever you pick up. Think of the books you've read in the past few months. Have they moved you to look at life differently, showed you what not to do, or given you a new inspiration as a writer?

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