Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Music for Writing

I've read that Stephen King listens to classic rock when writing. I tried and I swear all I could think about was living on a prayre! While I can't listen to old rock songs I've found listening to modern music like Katy Perry is just as worthless. "Not another teenage dream" and trust me there's enought of em on sites like Quizilla.I've a high criteria for my writing music; It must be emotoniall moving, it must be slightly dark, it must be mellow enough to become white noise, and I've got to learn the words. My playlist has been growing but I think I've found the PERFECT! writing album (for me at least) This is war by 30 Seconds to mars. The songs seem to tell the hero's journey in an this-affects-the-whole-community kinda way. The This is War album is awesom but one song imparticular, Hurricane. I love to darkness and mystery that goes with this song. It makes me think "Hey what would happen if I did this to my characters?" or "Wouldn't it suck if this happened?" I'll be posting my entire writing playlist soon. I'd love to know what you music you write to so leave a comment or email me at follow.the.journey.now@gmail.com. Keep writing and see ya soon:)

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