Sunday, January 9, 2011

Useless thins I've started doing sence becomming a writer

Over the last month of 2010 I've noticed I've gained some rather intresting skills and habitsSence becomming a writer. Dare I say I've started a wild thing called Pen Spinning. It's really as easy as it sounds but I've taught myself some pretty impressive tricks while sitting there with a pen in my hand. It's kinda odd seeing hundreds of youtube videos of people spinning but they all are way better than me. Along with that I've noticed I can pretty much do anything with a pen in my hand.( I spent half of an Orchestra class doodeling in my music between playing)I've also taught myself to type with one hand. It's not easy on a qwerty keyboard but I refuse to go get one of those stupid onehanded keyboards. I don't nessicarlly use this when I'm writing so much as looking things up and IMing. Oddly I've noticed I've become much more organized sence becomming a writer. I'm not losing things as much although I did lose my flashdrive with all my writing on it onece and I seriousley cried. I've got to get my own computer to eliminate the threat of losing my work on a thing smaller than my ipod. Love to hear about your was of keeping up with your writings and I'd also love to read some example works but I can't say I'll be able to give much feedback. Shoot me an e-mail at Till next time:)

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