Friday, January 21, 2011

Writers Block and why it Sucks

Once you've got your usual routiene in order and you sit down to write almost religiously every day, the problem can be you don't know what to write. I hate it when you want to write but can't. Seems like you have tons of ideas when you have writers block it's just a bunch of bad ones. At one poing during one of my short stories about a girl working with the United States government on a top secrete mission I though it would be a good idea to make everybody Italian. Kid you not I completley finished my story before I realized this wouldn't work. After that when I tried going back and fixing it I still couldn't think of anything. I eventually scraped the whole project but it was a good learning experience. While you have writers block there are two important things to seeing through the hard times. One is keep writing. Oh it's going to be bad. I promise. But at least you will be able to go back later and learn from your mistakes and mabey even laugh about it later. Second is to keep Reading. Look for new styles, settings, and other aspects to short stories and books. When you can't figure how or what to write in your own style it's a good time to experiment with different styles. In the words of my favorite Science teacher. "Take chances, Make mistakes, and Get messy!"

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